What are the solutions to shock absorber failures? Popular science

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Things you don't know about shock absorbers

What are common shock absorber failures?
Cars are like our trusted old friends traveling with 'TA'
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Passing through bumpy roads
Click, click, bang, bang ", shake, shake, shake
There is a problem with the shock absorber

01 Shock absorber oil leakage
The shock absorber oil flows outward through the sealing element to the surrounding area of the sealed body, which is called oil leakage.
Main reasons
1. Long term natural aging of oil seals
2. Improper installation damages the oil seal
3. Abnormal wear of connecting rod due to eccentric wear
4. Impact of external sandstorm environment
5. Long term overload impact

02 has abnormal noise
Abnormal noise generated by interference of various parts of the shock absorber during operation within its lifespan.
Main reasons
1. Excessive gap between top glue
2. Wear of flat bearings
3. Spring not installed in place
4. The dust cover of the buffer block is broken
5. Displacement damage of the guide

03 Performance degradation
The shock absorber loses most of its damping and cannot effectively reduce vibration.
Main reasons
1. Shock absorber fluid deterioration
2. Shock absorber oil leakage
3. Internal valve plate worn and broken
4. Increased wear of the orifice
5. Damaged recovery buffer block

04 Eccentric wear
When the piston rod of the shock absorber moves up and down, there is local wear and discoloration near the oil seal below the piston rod.
Main reasons
1. Accidental impact caused
2. Positioning deviation of chassis structural components
3. Installation position offset
4. Steering force deformation
5. Irregular driving habits

Kind reminder!!!
          The shock absorber is a key component in the automotive system, which can reduce or absorb the vertical vibration of the vehicle, always keeping the vehicle moving up and down within the specified vibration frequency, thereby ensuring uniform grip of the car tires on the ground. If the shock absorber has failed, the tires will not be able to make full contact with the ground, which means that the braking effect is weakened and it is more difficult to control the vehicle. Shock absorbers are not only related to vehicle comfort, but also closely related to safety.
Therefore, choosing a professional and quality guaranteed shock absorber is crucial!
It's crucial!


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